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When one star is awarded, let alone three, that turns a chef into a businessman who can be overstretched trying to maintain those standards."Mr Blumenthal added that Mr Ladenis had never tried his bacon-and-egg ice-cream."What constitutes 'good' for one person and 'bad' for another is a question of personal taste.

Michelin should be about cooking with the finest ingredients, in the simplest possible way and giving the most authentic flavour.It made me inward-looking and self-critical."Egon Ronay, the veteran food critic, said: "Chefs have always been overcompetitive; there is nothing new in that.I think that part of the problem is that the Michelin Guide reduces everything to hieroglyphics and doesn't speak or say anything about the restaurant.We don't work for the industry; we work for the customers."Mr Brown's comments are unusually frank for an organisation that prides itself on anonymity, secrecy and independence.The famous Red Guide is 104 years old and began as a simple list of recommended hotels, restaurants and garages for the earliest French motorists.

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The chefs around Europe are interested in our classification for their performance vis-a-vis their competitor chefs.

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